Testo Checkin For You (Interlude) – Missy Elliott

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Testo della canzone Checkin For You (Interlude) di Missy Elliott
[Lil’ Kim]
See it’s two type of bitches in the world, heh
Ya got a broke bitch
You got a rich bitch
That would explain what I am
And what my girl, Missy is
We the rich mutha fuckin’ bee-itches

That’s right
And then you got a bitch like me
Who just stand above all bitches
That excludes my girl Missy, Mary, you knowumsayin’?
But y’all know what the fuck I mean
I’m the queen bitch, that’s right mutha fucka, what?
Y’all got a problem wit it, come see me
A mutha’ fucka’ ain’t takin’ my title
Or my girl Missy title
Or my girl Mary title, what?
That’s right

See only bitches like us
Is allowed to play a game of chess
You see, a real queen needs a king
You damn mutha’ fuckin’ right
I don’t want a nigga laying up under me
That can’t do for me
What I can’t do for my mutha’ fuckin’ self

So when y’all see me in the street?
This is what I want y’all to do
Fix your lips, put ‘em together nicely and say
Say it along, say it along now, say
She’s a bitch

I was walkin’ real slow to the dance floor
He was lookin’ at my ass and I turned him on
I seen him talking to his boy on the cellular phone
I looked at him and all he could say was
Damn baby, bring it on
I talk shit but I come through like a storm
I keep my piece so sweet, yeah nice and warm
And all he could feel, was this love baby

I don’t give a fuck
About what they think, what they say
They can call me a freak
Call me anything they wanna name
I don’t give a
I don’t give a

I just wanna take him home
Take him to the house then turn him out

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