Testo Chemistry Class – Elvis Costello

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Album: Armed Forces
Testo della canzone Chemistry Class di Elvis Costello
she throws back her head and she shows you her mouth
the breath that’ll waste trying to ruin your life
beauty’s on a budget but you take it on the chin
cause you have to do your duty taking orders from the kingpin

you got a chemistry class
I want a piece of your mind
you don’t know what your started
when you mixed it up with mine
are you ready for the final solution?

chopped you up in butcher school
threw you out of the academy of garbage
you’ll be a joker all your life
a student at the comedy college
people pleasing people pleasing people like you
you’ve been around so long
but you still don’t know what to do


sparks are flying from electrical pylons
snakes and ladders running up and down her nylons
ready to experiment, you’re ready to be burned
if it wasn’t for some accidents
then some would never ever learn

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