Testo Christmas Children – Christmas Songs

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Testo della canzone Christmas Children – Christmas Songs
Christmas children peep into Christmas windows
See a world as pretty as a dream
Christmas trees and toys
Christmas hopes and joys
Christmas puddings rich with Christmas cream

Christmas presents shine in the Christmas windows
Christmas boxes tied with Christmas bows
Wonder what’s inside
What delights they hide
But till Christmas morning no one knows
Won’t it be exciting if it snows?

I suppose that children everywhere
Must say a Christmas prayer
Till Santa brings their Christmas things

Christmas children live in a Christmas daydream
Waiting for the magic to unfold
Wondrous things to eat
Every Christmas treat
Rich or not the Christmas pot of gold
Hypnotizes children young and old

Christmas children hunger for Christmas morning
Christmas day’s a wonder to behold
Young ones’ dreams come true
Not so young ones, too
I believe that story we’ve been told
Christmas is for children young and old

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