Testo Christmas Time Seems Years And Years Away 2 Dec 1 – Irving Berlin

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Testo della canzone Christmas Time Seems Years And Years Away 2 Dec 1 di Irving Berlin
Album: Miscellaneous
1st verse:] In a garden fair
Sat a happy pair
‘Neath a shady maple tree
She had promised him
We’ll be married, Jim
To the chimes of Trinity
‘Tis the month of May
But next Christmas day
I will be your blushing bride
Don’t you worry, dear
It will be soon be here
But he looked at her and sighed

[chorus:] Christmas chimes mean happy times
For you and me, sweetheart
Winter time means you’ll be mine
And never more to part
Honeymoon can’t shine too soon
I wish it were today
Girlie mine, don’t christmas time
Seem years and years away?

[2nd verse:] There is nothing dear
That I have to fear
If I can’t afford the ring
Santa Claus is kind
And I’m sure he’ll find
Just a plain gold band to bring
It’s been just a year
Since I met you, dear
But it seems just like a day
If I only could
Girlie dear, I would
Turn December into May

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