Testo Christy Christmas – Christmas Songs

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Testo della canzone Christy Christmas – Christmas Songs
Santa’s got a brand new helper
You’re the first one to be told
He wears a hat that’s trimmed with fur
And his boots are made of gold.

His name is Christy Christmas
He’s cute as he can be
He’s made of wood
`Cause Santa carved him from a Christmas Tree

Christy Christmas
Is loading Santa’s Sleigh
He’ll hook up all the reindeer
And they’ll soon be on their way

Christy Christmas
Is Santa’s pride and joy
He picks out all the presents
For each little girl and boy

Perhaps you’ll get a toyland playground
Full of skates and kiddie car
It has a great big slide bar you can ride
And swing that hanging star

Christy Christmas
Will make your dreams come true
And you’ll love Christy Christmas
Just as much as he loves you

Christy Christmas
Will bring you pretty toys
Like talking dolls for little girls
And choo choo trains for boys

Christy Christmas
Will serve good things to eat
He’ll give your little tummy tum
A cake and candy treat

Before you go to bed this Christmas
Better leave a snack or two
They’ll be someone else with Santa
When he comes to visit you

Christy Christmas
They’ll make into a toy
And all you children soon can play
With Santa’s little boy

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