Testo Cloudburst – BARRY MANILOW

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Testo della canzone Cloudburst di BARRY MANILOW
I was blue and I was always wearing a frown
because my gal had turned me down.
Then we met and you can bet I knew from the first,
you were my love,
and that’s when the old gray cloudburst.

My heart really flew,
the day you caught my eye.
I hope that we two will never say Good-bye.
Clouds of gray have silver linings when they reverse.
I found your love and that’s when the old gray cloudburst.

Hey, baby…..
I’m gonna tell you ‘bout your lovin’
and your kissn’ and your huggin’
and your sweet turtle-dovin’ pretty baby.
I won’t be satisfied til I hear ‘em play,
Here comes the bride.
Listen to me baby and I don’t mean maybe.
Listen to my story,
it’s terrifficly true.
I gotta find a way of telling you that I really go for you.
I hope you really believe me baby ‘cause I certainly do.
‘Cause you’re thrillin’ me, you’re really,
really thrilling when you tell me that you probably got a kind of crush on me,
That moves me, grooves me.
How divine can one woman be?
Well little darlin’,
you got me fallin’.
You got me goofy and gay.
I’m gonna get carried away.
Just think, you’re gonna be mine someday.
Oh, let’s spin a little,
park a little, stop a little,
spark a little,
live a little,
love a little,
maybe turtle-dove a little baby.
Every time you hold me so near,
nobody loves me like you, dear.
Let’s stop a little, squeeze a little,
probably maybe tease a little,
try a little, sigh a little,
maybe have to cry a little bit,
‘cause to tell you the truth,
I’m gonna love you and that’s it.
‘Cause I love you baby,
love you baby,
love you baby,
love you ba

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