Testo Clown Love – ICP Insane Clown Posse

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Testo della canzone Clown Love degli ICP Insane Clown Posse
Gangsters bangin, nuts straight hanging
Chillen in the allyway, signs straight beemin
Up in the air I hear they don’t care
Get your mutha fucken melon busted for a stare
Luv pumpin through the heart, flowin through the veins
Pop a mutha fucka like it aint no thang
Blood shoot eyes from pufin on the bud
Let me see that rag, let me see that luv

Roamin through the hood top cut down
Car packed so full it’s fucken on the ground
Max with the homies spitten on the hoes
Stop in the store for a cold 4-0

Grabbin on your balls, straight slanging stalls
Fuck the gang squad tryin to take me out my home
Check my neck and I got yours
Cuz roll with yourself and keep that clown luv

Throw your signs in the air
Whats that? I don’t check, I don’t care
Cuz I’m down with the clown everywere
Cuz much clown luv is in here [2x]

Hey homes what set your clame?
I’m in the rhymin game, wicked Clown Banging
I’m just a mutha fucka thats down for the cause
You can suck on my balls, unless you got clown luv
Put ‘em up, throw ‘em up
Let me see them mutha fuckas
Flip ‘em up, flip ‘em down, flip ‘em around
Mutha fuckas mind all warped
From breathin all the smog
I’m all up in the shit, like if my name was frog

Damn I heard a shot, but I got luck
The mutha fuckas missed it’s time to shoot ‘em up
Here come the sirens I hear ‘em gettin close
Here come the squad, it’s time to get ghost

If you wanna stay you get beat by a pig
Fuck that shit cuz were I live
My boys got my neck and I got theirs
Cuz I’m true to myself, bitch
Clown Luv

Throw your signs in the air
Whats that? I don’t check, I don’t

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