Testo Cocktales – Too Short

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Testo della canzone Cocktales di Too Short
these are the tales the freaky tales
these are the tales that i tell so well
you dont like my dirty raps
you can go to hell
cause short dog’s on the mic
telling cocktales

all you washed up hoes tryin to throw that p
you just a big freak
you better not complain
when you hear these cocktales and you hear yo name
if you a fake bitch
aint no thang
i pick up the phone and call Denine
if i call Marie, i know for a fact
ill get sucked in my drop top cadillac
i met this freak named Naomi
strait dick sucker worked me and my homie
she had a girl friend her name was Vicky
i pulled her to the side and let her suck my dick
she was fine as fuck but cant fuck with Tina
Tina Tina the sperm cleaner
i took her to my house and i told her strip
baby got freaky started doin the splits
i said biotch
do what you want
cause a true blue mac won’t even front
i fucked her wit my finger
she tried to cum
pussy so tight wouldnt give me none
im sure Too Short couldn’t be no punk
im tryin a get funky cause i love to funk
my dick is big and her nigga had a little one
i didnt fuck her freaky ass but it was still fun
i know you stop and wonder just what it is
its the California lifestyle that i live
see im from the crew
dangerous bitch
tellin everybody bout this freaky shit
i know this bitch name Annette
you get her all alone and she’ll suck yo dick
hella freak
won’t say no fo shit
you and her all alone nigga thats yo bitch
i know another freak
her names Joanne
i always get the pussy cause i know i can
finest bitch around aint got no man
every time she cross my mind
i go fuck her again
shes like another freak-a

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