Testo Common Ground – Midnight Oil

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Testo della canzone Common Ground dei Midnight Oil
Album: Breathe
These are not dispassionate words of the cool
The headline still rules the editor’s a fool
Shall we douse out the flames or will everybody fuse
And leave us standing here tomorrow
I heard a calling out. A cry from the heart
From the towns of cement and no beauty
A whisper it turned howl, man he didn’t know
He was standing waiting for tomorrow
Nothing’s left nothing’s found there must be some common ground
I could never figure the calendars flow
Nor can I work out how the wild wind blows but I’m ready from within and
we’re starting to go
Away from the place of no tomorrow
Oh the wreching fields are a terrible place, with a sulphurous smell and
a frightening pace and the hook goes in early and the critic is king and
it’s hard to stay human and stand in the ring there’s no time to be
absent, a clown or a fool
While shylock is smiling we’re loaded like mules
If we surrender ourselves to industrial rules
We’ll wake up in the wreckage of tomorrow

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