Testo Compassionate Man – Olivia Newton-John

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Testo della canzone Compassionate Man di Olivia Newton-John
Album: Dont Stop Believin
Love you were kind and much older, foolish but wiser than me
Am I becoming an anchor, holding you back from the sea

Restlessly you stand there, crying silently
It must be so hard being easy on me

Compassionate man, so gentle, trying hard to shelter me
Compassionate man, so kind, but the bottom line will be what it will be
You’re leaving me, leaving me

Love, my whole life was a desert, then gently your love fell like rain
We lived for awhile in a garden, but now I’m a desert again

Come right out and say it, tell me honestly
It must be so hard being easy on me


You’re leaving me (repeats out)


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