Testo Confrontation – Mary J Blige

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Testo della canzone Confrontation di Mary J Blige
Album: Miscellaneous
Are you mad because I turned it around
But if I stayed the same
You would still be running your mouth
‘Cause you know that I’m the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul
I’ll never let you down ‘cause I’m on a roll
Volume 2 will soon be in your store
So pick it up and feel my soul

Confrontation (8x’s)

Everybody wants to know where I’ve been
‘Cause living life the way I do seems to be a sin
The press, they follow me where ever I go
You rub my back, that shit is outta control
Don’t run too close because you never know
What I would do if you disrespect me and ohhh…


Mary raps:
Let me confront you
With all of the questions you ask
Tryin’ to figure me out
Diggin’ up all in my past
I told you what you need to know
My personal life is mine
So beat it with that lyin’ shit
Respect your Royal Highness

(Chorus until fade

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