Testo Crazy Girl – Hilary Duff

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Testo della canzone Crazy Girl di Hilary Duff
Right now I’ve been feeling
Like a crazy girl
Singing until my lungs hurt
In my crazy world

I have no one to talk to
No one ‘cept my friends
I have nothing I can do
C’mon, let’s make ammends

Right now
I’m a crazy girl
In a
Super crazy world
Believe me
When I say I’m too crazy

Feel me when I’m sleeping
Help me realize
Your touch is really sweet and
You kiss me all the time

Show me you’re the man for me
I will believe you

Crazy girl
Crazy world
Crazy girl

Hillary Duff:
Crazy girl
In a super crazy world
This girl is really crazed

Hilary Duff:
Crazy girl
In a super crazy world
Give me balance
Tell me that ya love me
I love you
Ooooh it’s true
Crazy girl

I’m a crazy girl

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