Testo Crossfire – Cypress Hill

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Testo della canzone Crossfire dei Cypress Hill
Album: Miscellaneous
On the high seas, it’s the pirate
With the musket
At’cha head, and I’ll fire it
It’s the return of the Red Beard!
And Polly don’t want a cracka’
I’m gonna make you back up
With the wind in the sail
Destination on to the temple
Where the boom lies in the ?bin full?
Outlaws ridin’ beside me
I see a ship on the horizon
Comin’ up, and I’m realizin’
It’s time for another uprisin’
I’m manin’ this attack by suprise n’
Avast mates, fire up the cannon
Right on the enemy’s vessel it’s landin’!
Look at all these ships sinkin’ low, and goin’ down
With the captain, that’s goin’ under
Let no man put us under
When me and my ship’s rollin’ like thunder

Ghost rida’
On the seven seas fiya’
Pump that cannon when the flames get higha’

I’m still on the high seas
Smellin’ that salt of the ocean breeze
Feelin’ that heat of the sun on my face with a ‘Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum’
When you see my flag in the distance
You better run and call for assistance
Cuz we’re comin’ on the pillage,
Killin’ all the men, and takin’ all the gold and the riches in the village
Pull up the anchor! Swap with the bounty!
Headin’ for the east where my enemies hound me
They wanna hang me for high treason and chivalry
And for many other reasons
Wanted dead, and a handsome reward for any motherfucker who delivers my head
Shiver me timbers!
I’ll burn your bloody ass to a cinder
So all you motherfuckers remember


[Sen Dog]
Think of the many moons I been away from home
On the seven seas or wherever I roam
Black Beard takin’ you down to the galley
How does it feel with my sword in your belly
You can face the cold shank
Or get ?blind funk it? when I’m makin’ you walk the plank
Standin’ over the edge in the dark

B: Feed his bloody ass to the God damn sharks!

Sen: The sound of a neck bone snappin’ is what’cha in fo’
When ya on ya way to the sea flo’

B: Sixteen men on a dead man’s chest

Sen: I killed them fools and I’ll kill the rest

B: I am what I am!

Sen: And I’m not a land lubba’
When ya hear the musket, you all take cova’

B: Fire one, fire two, fire three!
Don’t ever forget about me!

Sen: ‘Cause I’m the ghost rider’ on the storm
Keepin’ the cannons warm


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