Testo Crown Me – Three 6 Mafia

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Testo della canzone Crown Me di Three 6 Mafia
Album: Miscellaneous
(Choris) I Got A Misstress Bytch Wit Big Tits, And The Hoes On The Corner
Makin Me Rich , All The Hatas In The Town Tryin To Down Me But This Pimpin Goes
On So Nigga CROWN ME

Juice Man
You Can Call Me Juicy Jigalo You Can Call Me Dr. Hoe Long As You Got My
Dough When I Hit The Corna Sroll, Everybody Say They Pimpin Clamin They Got Two
Three Woman Matchin On A Big Ass Hill Wit A Pool And Take A Swim An Stupid
Bytch You Know This Game Cant You Tell His Pimpen Lame, Why He Neva Took You
There Why, He Keep On Sellin You ???? Find You All Across The State Wheres The
Cash Though Wheres The Cake Man You Jus A Groopy Hoe, All Ya Men You Say You
Brake But I Can’t Tell, Say What I Cant Fell I Gots Ta Get All My Fuckin
Mail, So Set This Boy Up Take Him To A Room Tell Him You Gots Pussy Commin
Through From The Blue Lagoon, Then We Gonna Kick In The Door Wit The 4-4’s Make
His Eyes Buck Make Him Screem OH NO Put The Hoe Back On The Corner Take Some
Nodose Make Em Stay Up All Night And Bring Back My Cheese So We Can Fight Bytch

(Choris)x 2


Whatcha No About 7 And ????? Bunnys Gettin Money Asken Fied Daddy Is This
Watcha Want From Me Got Moves Wit Twos Pay em Befor Ya Slay Em Cause I Worked
So HAARD Jus Ta Tame Em ????? That Mouth Abserb Them Curves And Lick Them Tits
Watch Her Switch You Think She Was Made From A Bad Bytch Kit All Jones Befor
She Met Me She Was Crawlin Homeless Now Aint Two Much That Baby Girl Consider
Wrongless Divle Dable Like To Be Satled And Call Mommy And Could Give You A
Look Like Playa Called Climen She Fresh All Good Up Out The Hood And She Do It
That Wood Jus Like She Should And She Could The Thugs On Rims And Fucked My
Frinds Aint Nuttin Knew To Her I Wont Touch Your Slim American Cheese And
Chetter She Is Better Wit That Sexual Pleasure In All Leather At Ya Door Like
Forever And She Got It


Dj Paul

I Tell You What Imma Keep Pimpin These Hoes Across The Nation Why You Lazzy
Niggaz Sittin Back Waiten On Reperation Im At Tha Crib I Got 2 G’s On Tha Way
My Whole Crew, You At Ya Mommas House Waiten On Cartoon Part 2’s
But Youz A Dang Fool Nigga, Though Why You Got Pussy On Your Bowl Im Out Here
Sellin These Hoe’s I Got Some Girls On The Platnium Plus You Better Belive I
Gots Some Girls At Cristys, I Keep Some Shyt Up My Sleve I Bring The Congac
???? My Brotha The Late Benzo Transfer The Pimpin Two Me As A Momento, I Pop A
Mentos And Staight Pimpen Ever So Clear, You Ask Me Where I Stay I Tell Ya
When The Hoes Here I Slam The H2 To The Curb Wit Extra Seat In Back Its Prime
Time So We Gon Stack On This Right Here Track Its Goin Down Like I Knew It
Would We Gon Keep On Makin Money Cuz This Honney Is Good Ya Here Me.

(Choris) Till End

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