Testo Da First Date – THREE 6 MAFIA

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Testo della canzone Da First Date di THREE 6 MAFIA
(feat. Koopsta Knicca, Tear Da Club Up Thugs)
(Tastes good, tastes good, tastes good)
[Man:] So what’s up with you right now?
[Girl:] What you mean what’s up with me? What’s up with you?
[Man:] I’m trying to find out what you want to do
[Girl:] I think I need to go home chill out, relax
[Man:] I think you need to go with me and lay down and relax with me
[Girl:] Naw it’s too early for that
[Man:] Too early? I been thinking about it for a long time
[Girl:] But I just met you I don’t do that…on the first date
[Man:] Been with a man you should have been doing it girl, what’s wrong with
[Girl:] What’s wrong with you? You ain’t getting none

[DJ Paul]
The shit started off real well
Real swell the bitch was talking lovely
She got me scooping her from the crib say around 8:30
It’ll be my first time hitting this bitch I gotta work
I call me nigga Big L for about two ounces to serve
I jumped in some kinda fresh smelling like is it me?
I’m thinking I know I’m anxious this bitch is beeping me
This one right here is too wheezy I’m damn near scared of that
But I’ma let you boys know when I take care of that
I’m pulling up to the crib lights out
I hit her Nextel celli tell her to come on out
Stepping out of the crib sexy looking bad as hell
I’m knowing goddamn well I’m bout to get in that tail
So we pulled out first stop J

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