Testo Dangerous Posse – THREE 6 MAFIA

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Testo della canzone Dangerous Posse di THREE 6 MAFIA
(feat. The Hypnotize)
[DJ Paul]
The most dangerous posse song ever
It’s going down, Hypnotize Camp Posse
You did this nigga, shit talkin
You wanna talk about something nigga
Talk about how many hoes, clothes and bank rolls we got
Who we got in here: Juicy J, Lil Wyte, Frayser Boy, Crunchy Black
Lord Infamous and me DJ Paul the King of Memphis

[Juicy J]
Nigga we some maniacs, fuckin up our brainiacs
Breakin down some dope, wit a razor boy remember that
Crop a mix with Smilax
Take a gun and cock it back
Now I’m bout to blow my brains out cause I dont give a shit
Hope you give a nigga reason to want ya
The bigger gun the better
The more shit you talk, the more blood the sweata’
The plane crashes, the devil, the anthrax, the letters
Forgot about the peddlers, we still in it together

[Crunchy Black]
Let me introduce myself, my fuckin nigga
I’ma be the one to pull that fuckin trigga
I’ma be the one thats sent to fuckin getcha
You better watch out cause ill paint a picture
A pretty little picture now how a nigga getcha
Lock you in the trunk and take care of my business
Paul and Juicy sent me so you know its big business
C.B. nigga aint leavin no witness

[DJ Paul]
Yeah, make me a believer nigga
Make some shit this bumpin you fuckin wannabes, Lord roll!

[Lord Infamous]
I am the predator you are the prey
You play the target, Lord play the gage
You play bitches and I mack hoes
You run from niggaz, I find the snub nose
I come from 3 6 picture platinum clique
And you cant sell three copies of your shit
You smoke garbage weed, and cheap packs a blow
You own a vehicle, pick up the Scarecro

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