Testo Dangerous — Released On Single – Depeche Mode

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Testo della canzone Dangerous — Released On Single dei Depeche Mode
Album: All Mode Lyrics
The things you do,
Aren’t good for my health
The moves you make,
You make for yourself
Although they do,
They’re the one’s that I would choose

I wouldn’t want it any other way
You wouldn’t let me any way

The way you lead me onto more
That’s what I want you for
When I am in you arms
No, I will come to harm

The lies you tell,
Aren’t meant to deceive
They are not there, for me to believe
I hurt, your vicious words
You know by now
It takes alot to see me hurt

I couldn’t take it any other way
But there is a price that I must pay


Dangerous (4x)

(Chorus 2x)

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