Testo Decisions Decisions – Olsen Twins

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Testo della canzone Decisions Decisions delle Olsen Twins
Album: Mall Party
I love it (Do you need it?)
Gotta have it (How much?)
Four weeks allowance (Do ya still love it?)
I don’t know. Decisions, Decisions.
When you’re stylin’ on allowance, it’s gonna be tough
‘Cause in a mall this big, ya know there’s so much stuff

Two of these (Four of those)
For your fingers (For your toes)
Fuzzy sweaters (Soft and pale)
Stuff on sale!
Decisions, Decisions (Decisions ooh)

We were window shoppin’ now there’s no time to lost
which one’s the right one, let’s model them and choose
In a fashion show strut your stuff on the runway
then strike a pose
Clothes so cool, wear’ em in a fun way, give ‘em attitude

Ski clothes, swim clothes, retro grunge
School and gym clothes, time for lunch?
Coats and hats, a party dress
Which one do you like the best?
Which one do you like the best?

I love this vest!
Someone make a fashion arrest!

When you’re checked out the options,
And you’ve still got the urge
Remember now and then a girl’s gotta splurge


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