Testo Deeper Dig Deeper – Santana

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Testo della canzone Deeper Dig Deeper di Santana
Album: Freedom
Music/ Lyrics: Carlos Santana, Chester Thompson,
Sterling Crew, & Buddy Miles

Deeper, Dig Deeper

Deeper, Deeper, dig, dig, Deeper, Deeper

Get a little closer
You don´t have to be afraid
You have to trust your inner pilot
Don´t let it drift away

Dig a little deeper
You gotta get it in your soul
Reach out with your spirit
And let your feelings show

Deeper, Deeper, dig, dig, Deeper, Deeper

You can´t deny the feeling
That touches you inside
When you´re tired and lonely
You don´t have to lose your pride.

Take the time to listen
Stay a little while
Got a song to sing for you
Let the music get you higher, higher

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