Testo Different Kitchen – Nits

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Testo della canzone Different Kitchen di Nits
Album: New Flat

He is standing in the living room
She is sitting on the bedroom floor
They are talking to each other on the babyphone
He lights another cigaret
She is re-arranging pillows on the bed
Kids in the kitchen rain outside she wants a
Different house different garden different table
Different chair different make-up different dress
Different kitchen different
He likes the girls young and rich
Taking showers in their sunny homes
Wet footprints towels lipstick
He spends his weekends at the zoo
Elephant snake monkey
Kids in the car and rain outside he wants a
Different girl different car different suit
Different watch different heart different beat
Different girl she’s different different
Different house different garden
Different girl different suit
Different nose different food
Different elbow different smile
Different T-shirt different oo
Different clothes different feet
Different eyes different job
Different money different life
Different room different wife
Different table different chair
Different car different flat
Different heart different home
Different kitchen different

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