Testo Dissolve – Elvis Costello

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Album: Unknown
Testo della canzone Dissolve di Elvis Costello
Sugar cube drop into a yellow cup
What makes the world just waking up
Who know where on earth it’s going to stop?
I can’t hear you ‘cos we’re breaking up

And the stones in the track make work for the mechanic
The birds all fly from the branches in a panic
And a back-fire echoes down the hillside
As the last headline report dies

Ice is melting a the distant Pole
The gin and tonic glasses overflow
The precious little else that I could say
Your stupid tear of laughter washed away

While the poisonous light pours from the picture palace
And it flickers on, tries so hard to be scandalous
A child keeps beating on a toy drum
And the tablets dropped on your tongue

So salute me in moving frame
I might not be there when you look again
The mourning border card behind the clock
The hour that he passed, unwound and stopped
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