Testo Doesnt Get Any Countrier Than This – Tim McGraw

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Testo della canzone Doesnt Get Any Countrier Than This di Tim McGraw
Album: Not A Moment Too Soon
Now, Mama I know you’ve always wished me the best
And I found somebody and I think she’s gonna pass the test
She’s a country girl as far as I can see
Mama, I hope she’s what you had in mind for me


She likes to go skinny-dippin’ in the heat of the day
And late at night she wants to roll in the hay
She cranks my tractor
With just one kiss
Mama, ain’t nothin’ get
Any contrier than this

Now, Mama I know she didn’t grow up on a farm
But she sure knows her way around out behind the barn
And it ain’t exactly chores she does at dawn
But she says she’s gonna love me
‘Til the cows come home

(Repeat chorus 2x)

Yeah, Mama ain’t nothin’ get
Any countrier than this

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