Testo Doin The Fool – E-40

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Testo della canzone Doin The Fool di E-40
[E-40 talks over intro]
Nigga up in this motherfucker
I mean I been fuckin with this motherfuckin burgundy carpet pimpin
What about you pimpin, I mean I know you fuckin around with that
purple bag youknowhatImean? That Crown Royal, oh boy!
I mean, we got, we got a whole bunch of player-ass niggaz
up in this m’uhfucker right here today
We got that nigga.. E-Feezy, Too $hort, knahmean
Pimp C up in this motherfucker, nigga Pastor Troy

[Too $hort]
Damn fool.. I hits free (free) it ain’t wholesale
Just got through hittin it so well, at a hotel
But don’t tell (don’t tell) I cuss your fuckin ass out bitch
Fuck yo’ drunk-ass and watch you pass out bitch (beitch)
And when you wake up, I tell you anything
You fucked me so good bitch, you deserve a wedding ring
I practice what I preach, ridin vogues and findin hoes
I told her I’d buy some clothes, but I’d be lyin to hoes
I ain’t buyin her shit, bitch I can’t do that
I had to jump in my car, and call you a cab
Cause I’m out.. you know I’m all about fuckin hella good
Take the rubber off I’m in your mouth comin to a town (beatch)
near you, real soon..
Infiltratin hoes nigga, we some real fools (real fools)
And it’s true, and baby girl knows it too
Ask her shit, she’ll tell you how I do it fool

Doin the fool! – Ain’t no love motherfucker we breakin the rules
Doin the fool! – Niggaz like me ain’t got nuttin to lose
Doin the fool! – We servin you haters straight off the top
Doin the fool! – Just to let you know this shit don’t stop

[Pastor Troy]
Okay okay up next, oh, it’s the boss, from the home of the Braves
Down here chillin with E-40 cause it’s time to get paid

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