Testo Donde Estas Corazon (Where Are You Love) – Shakira

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Testo della canzone Donde Estas Corazon (Where Are You Love) di Shakira
Album: Miscellaneous
Where are you Love?
Yesterday I looked for you…
on the floor, and in the sky, Dearest…
and I didn’t find you.
I can’t think that you’re hiding from me
Because my silence is sincere…
It says ‘yes’
Where are you Love?
Come, return for me…
that my life knots like an eight…
if you’re not here..
I want to think…
that you won’t falter…
because on this planet, no one else exists that I could love.
Where are you Love?
I looked for you yesterday
WHere are you Love?
And I didn’t find you

Where are you Love?
You left here..
Looking for who-knows what…
so far from me…
and I can think….
and continue to think…
that you won’t falter
because on this planet..
no one else exists…
that I could possibly love.
(Repeat Chorus)

I looked for you
in the wardrobe
In the phone book
under the car
in black and in white
in History books
in magazines
and on the radio.
I searched for you in the streets
You’re Mother’s
A bootmaker’s stand(?)
In my change purse
In two thousand religions
I’ve even looked for you in my songs

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