Testo Dont Hate the Player – Too Short

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Testo della canzone Dont Hate the Player di Too Short
[Too $hort]
Don’t hate the player nigga, hate the game (3X)
But what if you ain’t no player?

Everybody talkin bout they gettin hated
All these lies is bout who they been datin
If you never was a player, I cain’t hate you
You know life is one time, you cain’t take two
You seem to think cause you ain’t fuckin mo’
that some other nigga’s all up in yo’ hoe
It ain’t yo’ fault, did you do that?
You think yo’ ex-bitch, gon’ ever take you back?
Hell naw, you still thinkin you a player
You only got one girl;
you just a square from nowhere
You starin at the ground, fuck the ceiling
Love is the word that describes yo’ feelings
You’re hooked, you can’t leave her alone
You’re like O.J., wait til he brings her home
You wanna kill her, but you don’t wanna play the fool
You never was a player, we cain’t hate you

Don’t hate the player nigga, hate the game (3X)
But what if you ain’t no player?

What you mad at? Your bitch let me have that
and I ain’t even say shit about your fat ass
She chose me, don’t get an attitude
It really ain’t got nuttin to do witchu
I’ma fuck her – anytime I wanna
Like a dog, I’ma climb up on her
She don’t sweat me bout my other broad
but you called her on the phone and said I’m just a frog,
I beat up hoes and I’m a rapist
Then you told all your homies how I hated
Damn nigga! I don’t even know you
I seen you actin like a groupie at a show or two
I know she knows, the way you lied
Last time I hated it was 1985
I was young, caught up with a bad bitch
I took my time, learned the game, I had to have the shit

Don’t hate the player nigga, hate the game (3X)-aca

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