Testo DREAMAKER – The Renaissance

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Testo della canzone DREAMAKER dei The Renaissance
Five below, watch the headlights rush by
Monday morning, tired voices, cloudy sky
Dreams of sun lit hazy days
Silver screen won’t you please take me away

Has the style, that’s what everyone says
Created image, she’s an idol of the age
Acting like a little child
Could you love her if only for a while


She only wants to be a star
Longs to be just where you are
You’re the dreamaker
Please don’t forsake her
She’s only living for today
Don’t you take her breath away
You’re the dreamaker
You know you should take her
Where you go

Teenage days in her room, of fantasy
Evening falls, buy a ticket to your dream
Watching lovers play their part
Could she be just another lonely heart


Hid from shadows of the light
How she cries for you at night
Fame and fortune calls her name
She’ll let you steal her heart away

Trade her soul for tenderness
A gentle touch, the warm caress
Be the star of every show
Dreamaker take her
Where you go

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