Testo Dreamland – Prince

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Testo della canzone Dreamland di Prince
Album: Miscellaneous
Hey, are y’all ready 2 party up in here?
I said are U ready 2 party up in here?
Then I want U 2 put yo’ hands 2gether
Come on, put yo’ hands 2gether and stomp yo’ feet
And welcome 2 the stage Donnie Simpson
Come on y’all, bring it up
Make some noise!

Alright, how y’all doin’ 2 night?
Well, Popeye already asked if U ready 2 party
And obviously U are
I can’t hear U, are U ready 2 party?
Alright, I am so honored 2 be here 2 night
I’ve M.C.’d a lot of shows in my time
But a.. this one is the most special ever
Because it gives me an opportunity 2 bring some guys 2gether that I love
I mean they’re like brothers 2 me
They really are
And they are the reason that I am here 2 night
U know a lot of groups split up
It happens all the time
I think there should be a law against it
Especially when it’s somebody like… The Time
We’ve been talkin’ about the reunion 4 a year now
It has finally happened
And what better place 4 it 2 happen than right here in Minneapolis
Give it up, my brothers, The Time!

What time is it?
Time 2 get down 2 the club
And U ain’t gonna like what’s happenin’
Oh Lord!

Ah, excuse me, excuse me (Morris, Morris)
Get these people out of my way
Would U please?
Yeah, I remember U baby, but excuse me
Jerome? (Morris?)
Ain’t this my club? (Your club Morris)
Fellas? (Yeah!)
Ain’t this my club? (Your club Morris)
What is this playin’?
Somebody stop the music
Y’all really wanna dance? (Yeah!)
Hit it

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