Testo Drunk In Th Morning – Kid Rock

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Testo della canzone Drunk In Th Morning di Kid Rock
Album: Cocky

I wanna make money
to take away my problems,
But my problems gettin’ bigger
with the more money I make

I wanna find love
thats my problem,
cause the money
makes it hard to tell
the real from fake

I want to spend time with my son
oh every hour
But the money and the problems
and the women keep me away
I wanna be happy for just one hour
but the only time I’m happy
anymore is on the stage
I get drunk in the morning
I dont look for afternoons
I dont care if tommorow never comes
I been pushed and kicked around
it seems my whole life
now I’m tired lord
I’m so damm tired inside.

(I think its time to get it on)
So lets rock it with the band
turn this shit up to 10 now
I got a feeling you been waiting
for way to long now
And if your looking for a party
you came to the right spot
So drink it ‘em down motherfuckers
and roll with the Kid Rock
And the band plays

And I thank you people for feeling me
I’m feeling you too
Oh what a ride, its been up and down
all around the world we’ve been
We’re back your here
lets make the most of our time now
And if you get up get up
I wont let you down

And when the powder hits the brain,
you’ll be feelin’ it real son
I’m talking guitars, car sex and real cheap wine
All time and type
you let me hear it if you want more
Lemmie here it if you want more
I gotta fifth of good music
if you hold out I’ll pour more

And I thank you people for feelin’ me
I am feelin’ you too
Oh what a ride its been
up and down
all around the world

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