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Testo della canzone Ducks On The Wall dei Kinks
After dinner norman becomes depressed.

Norman’s office got on my nerves to-day.

What do you mean? you are norman!

(shouts) i am a star!

You’re not a star norman. you’re
Just a plain ordinary little bloke and
Even if you walked down the street in
A silver suit people still wouldn’t
Recognise you. you’re dull, ordinary
And uninteresting! you’re a drag!

Star rises from his chair and smashes
The dinner plates to the floor.

I hate this house and i hate you, but
More than anything else i hate those

Don’t you touch those ducks norman!
They were a present from my mother.
Look, norman, i’ve had enough of you
And your ridiculous fantasies. first of
All you wanted to be a painter, then
You wanted to be an astronaut, then
A footballer and now you’re playing at
Being a rock singer. if you touch those
Ducks i’m leaving!

Ducks on the wall

My baby’s got the most deplorable taste,
But her biggest mistake
Is hanging over the fireplace.
She’s got ducks, ducks on the wall,
Ducks, ducks, hanging on the wall.

My lady’s got a sort of strange fascination,
An obsessive fixation
For cheap decorations
She’s got ducks, ducks on the wall.
Ducks, ducks, hanging on the wall.

Wo-wo-wo i love her so but if she doesn’t move the ducks,
I think my mind is gonna go.
Ducks ducks on the wall.
Ducks ducks, hanging on the wall.

I leave the office and i want to relax.
Don’t want to stare at a wall
And look at a duck that can’t quack.
I love you baby but i can’t fall
For those ducks

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