Testo Dusty Springfield – Dusty Springfield

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Testo della canzone Dusty Springfield di Dusty Springfield
Album: Miscellaneous
(blossom dearie / norma tanega)

Dusty springfield, that’s a pretty name
It even sounds like a game
In a green field, hobby horses play the dusty game when it’s may

Pink and paisley skies shining in green eyes
A magic pin wheel
London flowers in her hair

Dusty springfield
Silver starshine over crystal waters
Petals fall from her glance
Flowers sparkle
With a dew of morning, feathers float from her dance

Suddenly the song’s the thing
Fill your cup, come to the spring
And you’ll stand so still
And you’ll feel the thrill
Dusty springfield, that’s a pretty name
Pretty as a pearl
What a pretty girl

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