Testo Eggshell – The Roches

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Testo della canzone Eggshell di The Roches
i live in an eggshell
sometimes, if i’m careful, i can make a pinpoint
through the shell
and see the light.
i’m too big to fit through the hole, though,
and that’s my tough luck.

inside my eggshell i am secure,
as long as i am careful not to move.
but i have no control over what happens from the outside.
i huddle there and worry that something i can not see
will bump into me

and when it does!
you wouldn’t believe what happens in an eggshell then!
i get scrambled.
my brains run like bean soup into my veins, bursting them.
and my blood spatters up against the wall
worst of all.
a little bit of me seeps through cracks
and trickles away forever.

people who live in eggshells have only one alternative:
they can get hard boiled.

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