Testo EL PUBE EL PUBE dei Elio e le storie tese

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Album: the artist formerly known as ELIO E LE STORIE TESE
Testo della canzone EL PUBE EL PUBE di Elio e le storie tese
The Pube is a traveling salesman
Who drives a small airplane
When he lands he is happy
When he flies he’s a real good pilot
The Pueblo first sees him when he’s in the distance
Rumor has it – or so they say – the Pube is losing
He comes straight down nose first
In his stupendous airplane
His heart beats fast as he crashes into the ground
He hurts the Pueblo with his mediocre airplane
The Pueblo takes him right out
Of his piss awful airplane
And they take him in triumph to the plaza

Ay ay ay, the Pube he has landed
I sense a lack of love here
What you need is this product
What the hell? Have you maybe got a sixth sense?
I’ll show you something that’s good
For the needs of every couple

The plaza accepts him, in a simple way
In the meantime the Pube takes out
His world-famous anal lube
He strips off his wife, and squeezes her slowly
And the ointment is soothing for
The friction from his karoly
The Pueblo’s happy and wants some of the same
And they all buy the special anal cream
The wife starts thinking
Well this Pueblo’s not bad – commercial miracle
All inside of the wife
And she gives out official receipts!!

Ay ay ay, millionaire is the Pube
In the plaza he sells
The honor of his by now greasy wife
Over and over the wife orgasms
At first he is quite concerned
When the Pueblo orgasms as well

The Pueblo e-ja-cu-lates…….

The Pube has sold off almost all his ointment
But his wife just does not want him anymore
This is the story of the traveling salesman who gave up
His morals just to sell his lube
And he ended up losing his wedding ring

Ay ay ay, solitary’s the Pube
One more unhappy ending, in the life of a couple
How d’you feel? Just a little upset,
But it’s always lovely to watch
Your own wife when she orgasms…
It’s really lovely to watch
Your own wife when she orgasms…
It’s always lovely to watch
Your own wife when she strips off
But in the end all that’s left is her bathrobe,
her bathrobe
It’s a bit stained, it is true
But it is still her bathrobe.
Her bathrobe
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