Testo Electric Barbarella – Duran Duran

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Testo della canzone Electric Barbarella dei Duran Duran
Album: Medazzaland
I knew when I first saw you
On the showroom floor
You were made for me
I took you home
And dressed you up in polyester
Princess of my dreams
Emotionless and cold as ice
All of the things I like
The way you look
The way you move
The sounds you´re making
In Ultra-chrome, latex and steel

I plug you in
Dim the lights
Electric Barbarella
Your perfect skin
Plastic kiss
Electric Barbarella
Try to resist
Then when we touch
Hallucinate and tranquilize

She´s so fine
She´s all mine

Our private life is subject to investigation
No time to waste
People say they´ve heard about our deviation
But you never looked so good
Wear the fake fur, fake fur for me
And put on your mystery
The way I feel
you know I´ll never keep you waiting
In Ultra-chrome, latex, and steel



Princess of my dreams
Princess of my dreams
Majordomo, plasticomo Barbarella (She´s so fine)
Progenetic you Electric Barbarella (She´s all mine)
My pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Barbaella

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