Testo ETHIOPIA – Joni Mitchell

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Testo della canzone ETHIOPIA di Joni Mitchell
Album: Dog Eat Dog
Hot winds and hunger cries–Ethiopia
Flies in your babies’ eyes–Ethiopia
Walking sticks on burning plains
Betrayed by politics
Abandoned by the rains
On and on–the human need
On and on–the human greed profanes

Your top soil flies away–Ethiopia
We pump ours full of poison spray–Ethiopia
Between the brown skies and sprinkling lawns
I hear the whine of chain saws
Hacking rain forests down
On and on–insanities
On and on–Short sighted greed abounds

Little garden planet-oasis in space
Some hearts hurt–they can hardly stand it
Famine phantoms at the garden gates

Every Sunday on T.V.–Ethiopia
You suffer with such dignity–Ethiopia
A T.V. star with a P.R. smile
Calls your baby it while strolling
Through your tragic trials
On and on–stupidity
On and on–the basic needs are defiled
Good air–good water–good earth

Little garden planet–oasis in space
Some hearts hurt–they can hardly stand the waste

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