Testo Every Body Hates Ned Flanders – Simpsons

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Testo della canzone Every Body Hates Ned Flanders dei Simpsons
F L A his name is Ned E R S it’s a stupid name he’s worse than Frankinstein
or Doctor Ngo you can’t upset him evan slightly he just smiles and nods politely
then goes home and worships nightly his leftoriom is an imporiam of whoo
F L A don’t yell at ned E R S his wife is dead everybody hates that stupid
jerk springfeild is filled with homers joyes slothing filling clubs with angry valintinos
you don’t have to move your feet just hate flanders to the disco beat he’s your perky
peppy nightmare neborghino if you dispite polite left handers I doght you’ll like
ned flanders or his creepy little offspring Rod and Tod thats us huuray
F L A his name is ned E R S he is so white bread the smiling mostache geek who
walks with God!

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