Testo Every Day Of Your Life – Richard Marx

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Testo della canzone Every Day Of Your Life di Richard Marx
You never really thought you’d live to see the day
When the walls around your heart were blown away.
Just close your eyes, and you will hear me say,
It’s alright.

The key to everything I need is in your hands.
The part of me that no one understands.
When all my bridges burn, you tell me that,
It’s alright.

One world, one ride,
One ‘til the end of time.
I’ll be someone standing by your side,
Every day of your life.

Il ya des jours ou par amour on oublie tout,
(There are some days where by love we forget it all,)
Le fou, les guerres, le chaos, les remous.
(The fire, the wars, the chaos, the currents.)
Rien ne sera jamais plus fort que nous.
(Nothing will ever be as strong as we.)
It’s alright.
On a la foi qui peut deplacer les montagnes,
(We have a faith that can move mountains,)
Et nos pensees qui toujours se rejoignent.
(And our thoughts which always come together.)
Tu sait que meme au loin, je t’accompagne.
(You know that even when I’m far away, I’m still with you.)
It’s alright.

Yeah, yeah!

J’s’rai la pour toi.
(I’ll be there for you.)
Tu peux compter sur moi,
(You can count on me,)
Comme un ami que jamais ne t’oublie,
(Like a friend who’ll never forget you,)
Chaque jour de ta vie,
(Every day of your life,)
Y’aura en moi,
(Inside of me there will always be)
Toujours un peu de toi.
(A part of you.)
Fidele comme une ombre qui te suit,
(Faithful as a shadow that follows you,)
Chaque jour de ta vie.
(Every day of your life.)

Over and over your heart’s been left bare,
Haunted by faith that has led you nowhere.
You don’t need to call out my na

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