Testo Everything But My Heart – Reba McEntire

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Testo della canzone Everything But My Heart di Reba McEntire
(t. seals, g. lyle)

The bed is cold and empty in the morning light
I’m searching for my pride through tangled covers
And loneliness is not a very pretty sight
When you first discover

That it’s over
A hard one to lose
Love hurts
It’s sad but true
He wanted my arms around him
Oh without a doubt
He wanted my warm red lips
Soft on his mouth
He loved all of me
Except for one small part
He wanted everything
Everything but my heart

Love is not an easy word for me right now
Too much has happened to my feelings
It’s gonna be rough not having him around
Until time has done some healing
And it’s over
And i’m over you

Repeat chorus (starting at love hurts)

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