Testo Flashback – CHER

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Testo della canzone Flashback di CHER
I wake up in a cold sweat
To a clock that says it’s only 3 a.m.
Thinking that I felt you
When I really only dreamed of you again
And I’m clinging to your pillow
Like a drowning man would hold on
As I feel the flood of memories rushing in

And I flashback
Back to the time you were mine
And we lived in a love song
And I flashback
Chasing the sun, we would run
With a dream we could grow on

Everything that we touched
Turned to love

My cigarette has burned down to my fingers
And it brings me back to now
And I’m searching through the ashes for the answers
To the where, the why, the how
Did I ask for too much loving
Or did you need too much freedom
Did we both want more than heaven would allow

[Chorus x2]

Everything that we touched
Turned to love

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