Testo Follow The Crowd 30 Jan 1914 – Irving Berlin

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Testo della canzone Follow The Crowd 30 Jan 1914 di Irving Berlin
Album: Miscellaneous
1st verse:]
Look at the crowd up the avenue
Oh, don’t you know where they’re going to?
They’re on their merry way
To turn night into day
Dressed in their best, they’re a happy mob
Soon, to a tune, they’ll be on the job
If you care to join them
Just hurry along

Follow the crowd, follow the crowd
Come with me, you’re going to be so proud
Don’t stay behind, go where you’ll find
Thousands of dreamy Tango dancers
Come, my honey, come!
The drummer’s drum
Will make things hum!
The whole night long
We’ll dance away the blues
Take an extra pair of shoes!
Come, come, come, come and follow the crowd

[2nd verse:]
You’ll hear a jew’l of an orchestra!
Best of the rest in America!
Each syncopated beat
Just goes right to your feet
Heirs, millionaires, all the best of them
Glide side by side with the rest of them
They’ll be glad to meet you
Just hurry along

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