Testo Food Court – Olsen Twins

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Testo della canzone Food Court delle Olsen Twins
Album: Mall Party
Dear fair maidens of the Mall of America
It is time to enter the fabulous food court

Here you will find the finest fast dining of the world
Chinese and Japanese, Middle Eastern too
Mexican and Indian, Italian just for you
And for those who are not as adventurous
American will do

But look at all the candy!
They got taffy stores where we can pull the taffy for ourselves
They got fudge shops where we create our favorite kind of fudge
They got the biggest store the world has seen for every flavor jelly bean
Don’t forget, you can’t forget the wide array of ice cream!

Listen my friends, no offense to my sister
If you eat all that candy, you’ll never be sicker
The thing to do you must realize
Is eat a good meal, that’s what I advise.

I object!
Can’t we compromise?

Here we can eat any meal we choose from all over the world
Stir fry, or sushi, falafel just for you
Enchiladas, curry chicken, fries and burgers too
And for those who are still hungry afterwards
Candy for dessert

All right Judge of the food court, I accept your ruling
But how will we decide what kind of food to eat?
There are so many choices, let’s see what sounds good

A pizza pie sounds way too dull for what we have in mind
And though a burger’s fun with lots of fries
We can get them anytime
So let us eat exotically, try some food with curry
You get the shwarma, and sushi
And I’ll get the chicken tandoori

I bought some fries for good measure.
Got enough room for dessert?

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