Testo Fools Get Lucky – BARRY MANILOW

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Testo della canzone Fools Get Lucky di BARRY MANILOW
When I see you lying there
Like a living answered prayer
There are no words
For what I feel for you
My life was once a high trapeze
You pulled me down
And gave me peace
That’s something no one else
Could ever do
And on nights like tonight
It scares me recalling
How close I came to falling

But fools get lucky
Fortune must like me
When people ask where you came from
I tell them that
Fools get lucky
Destiny likes me

It must be one of nature’s rules
Love like yours
Should save the fools like me
When I see the good times shine
On this wayward life of mine
I tell the world
It’s all because of you


Like me
Like me

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