Testo Fresh Interlude – Wyclef Jean

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Testo della canzone Fresh Interlude di Wyclef Jean
Album: The Carnival
Yo yo, this Wyclef, alongside DJ Skribble (for the ladies)
Yo Skribble I have one question
Could you please answer this for me?
I gotta know this yo

What makes a DJ *cut and scratched fresh *
What makes an MC *cut and scratch fresh *
What makes the ReFugees *scratch fresh *
Why are kids getting jealous?

Cause we F, R, E, S, H
Fresh, fresh, fresh, that’s, fresh!
F, R, E, S, H
Fresh, fresh, fresh, that’s, fresh!

Hey you, player, with the dibble and the dabble
You wanna battle who? Wyclef or DJ Skribble
Hold the stickup it’s a freestyle session
Skribble where you from man *scratched Long Island *
Well I’m from Haiti, then Brooklyn, then Jersey
with a universal tag, plus I got *scratched money in the bag *
You slept on this musician, plus the hip-hop art
Bring your best MC’s *scratched What? *
Cause every man got disciples if you ever want a rival
Show up, with a mic, and a rifle
Wyclef stuck the bank at mid-day
and took all of Sony money, in a black van he got away
I just got a call from Tommy Mottola
He said forget about it oh my word
So I held John Agrassia, at gunpoint
He’s shook, callin Donny Aiena, while smokin a joint
I said, ‘Who’s the informer?’ They say, ‘Michael Malden’
I had to take him out Three the hard way!
The moral of this story don’t blame the record company
If your record ain’t selling you lack creativity

But what you want me to say? What what you want me to say huh?
Yo I’ve been trying to get a deal for, years and it ain’t
What you want me to say?

*cut and scratched hehehehehehe *
*cut and scratched ju-ju-just shut up *
*cut and scratched Bite it! *
*mix the above three*
And I’ll kill anyone, who dares to go against me

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