Testo Frozen Fred – Nits

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Testo della canzone Frozen Fred di Nits
Album: Tent

This is a story you haven’t heard
You may not believe it’s true
What happened to this cat called Frozen Fred
Could happen to me and to you
Fred had a passion for frozen food
And TV dinners too
He hated the merciless summer sun
The weekly barbecue

Spends his summer
In the swimming pool
Trying desperately to keep it cool
Girls girls girls [walk?] by <- I suggest : go
They do not see him
They don’t even try
They don’t even try
Won’t even try

No one shook hands with Frozen Fred
His hands were too cold to hold
Isn’t it tragic isn’t it sad
They left him in the cold
No safari to hot Africa
He booked a passage to Antarctica
He’s doing well among the esquimoes
They even gave him one of their igloes
Igloe oe oe oes, oe oe oe oes

There’s no place in our world today
For weirdos like Frozen Fred
They found him one morning cold and still
So sad Frozen Fred is dead
No warm day for Frozen Fred
They’ve frozen him cold and deep
So many a century from now
He might wake up from his sleep

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