Testo Furnishing A Home For Two 8 Oct 1914 – Irving Berlin

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Testo della canzone Furnishing A Home For Two 8 Oct 1914 di Irving Berlin
Album: Miscellaneous
1st verse:] Honey, I’ve been thinking
About the cozy little flat
The one we’ll soon be looking at
To furnish up with this and that
Honey, I can picture
The happy smile upon your face
When we both get started
Furnishing up the place
My dearie

[chorus:] I’ll hang the picture on the wall
You’ll hold the chair so I don’t fall
My honey
While I lay the carpet in the dining room
You’ll be busy with a broom
I’ll place the dishes on the shelf
You’ll change them, dear, to suit yourself
When ev’rything is furnished there
We’ll cuddle in the morris chair
We’ll be such a happy pair
Furnishing a home for two

[2nd verse:] You’ll do all the shopping
‘Twill help you pass the time away
That’s how you’ll spend most of the day
Including all my hard-earned pay
We will have a parrot
So when I have to go away
You will think I’m near you
I’ll teach the bird to say
I love you

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