Testo Furnishing A Home For Two 8 Oct 1914 – Irving Berlin

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Testo della canzone Furnishing A Home For Two 8 Oct 1914 di Irving Berlin
Album: Miscellaneous
1st verse:]
Honey, I’ve been thinking
About the cozy little flat
The one we’ll soon be looking at
To furnish up with this and that
Honey, I can picture
The happy smile upon your face
When we both get started
Furnishing up the place
My dearie

I’ll hang the picture on the wall
You’ll hold the chair so I don’t fall
My honey
While I lay the carpet in the dining room
You’ll be busy with a broom
I’ll place the dishes on the shelf
You’ll change them, dear, to suit yourself
When ev’rything is furnished there
We’ll cuddle in the morris chair
We’ll be such a happy pair
Furnishing a home for two

[2nd verse:]
You’ll do all the shopping
‘Twill help you pass the time away
That’s how you’ll spend most of the day
Including all my hard-earned pay
We will have a parrot
So when I have to go away
You will think I’m near you
I’ll teach the bird to say
I love you

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