Testo Game – Too Short

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Testo della canzone Game di Too Short

*guy toking and coughing up*
[$hort] Freddy B!
[Fred B] Wuz up $hort?
[$hort] Ai, y’know they been waitin on this ol’ school game
Let’s bring that game back!
[Fred B] Like game one thru five?
[$hort] Yeah nigga, just like we use to do it!
[Fred B] Well check this out

Game! Is the shit
Like what? A rat-haired bitch

Verse 1: Old School Freddy B

I was sittin at my home, all alone
Thinkin ‘bout bitches I use to bone
Tight young bitches, I can’t deny
Rat-haired bitches, I can’t lie
The bitch had body is all I know
Only 18 but looked twenty-fo’
Her name was Bitch, class of ’92
Skyline High and the shit was cool
Took her to my house, Moms was gone
Turned off the light, unplugged the phone
The bitch said

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