Testo Gangsta Shits Like A Drug – Mack 10

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Testo della canzone Gangsta Shits Like A Drug di Mack 10
featuring Tray Deee Squeak Ru (of AllFrumTha I)

[Tray Deee]
Yeah again another group collaboration

Verse One: Tray Deee

From the second I get dressed to get to steepin I’m on one
Fillin up the 4 4 if pop po want some
I ain’t runnin from a motherfucker
Dust a sucker off if he soft then fuck him if he suffer
Another One Bites The Dust like the song say
Bust em in the wrong way caught up in the gunplay
One day, some say, we all gon’ die
Human lives to my eyes, take a size and bye
You’re on your own, give em all and go explode
It’s a cold that aroze when you chose your clothes
Blue or red, who will care if we all was rich?
Ballin tills, haulin chickens, flossin grips
I give a damn bout the next fool, my Tek rule
Ol’ school nigga bout to take it to the next school
This gangsta shit is like drugs, runnin with thugs
Puttin slugs in your motherfuckin mug

Chorus: Squeak-Ru, (Tray Deee)

This gangsta shit is like a drug, (I got to ride)
and live for the hood to show my love
This gangsta shit is like a motherfuckin gangsta drug
Crips and Bloods, ooooh

Verse Two: Squeak-Ru

I got to bang on my enemy
I got make sure they know, they ain’t afraid of me
So I’m gon’ ride on they hood
Leavin nuttin but obituaries til they get it understood
You know that Squeak-Ru capped em
I wantcha homegirl photo book to be full of em
I’ll be the gossip for ya block
When y’all explain to each other how I creep with the Glock
The 4-5 nigga did the damage
I took two to da dome, so, nigga, fuck a bandage
And all you got was a bodybag
Accomadations to the morgue, equipped with a toe tag
Now y
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