Testo Get It Right
(feat. Precise) – Luther Vandross

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Testo della canzone Get It Right
(feat. Precise) di Luther Vandross
[Precise] Morning
Some of y’all may think
That this next track
A little risky for a Luther joint
But all you gotta do is listen to get it
Get it right
Alright, ch’all, lets start from number one
And get down till it’s done

Now watch this sketch as I stretch this mall
Too live to drive so we put it in park
With Luther hoping that you feeling his groove
Get you open on the instruments too, one two, one two
And I say, jottin’ down the lines
Like dots on the Parkway
My Auntie Eloise say stay on your Q’s and P’s
And until the days of D’s, I’m doin’ what I please
Ease on down like the road
Depending on the mood, definitely into more
And you can catch a yellow brick
You need to run and tell your click
That the female in town is bringing it
Now listen, Mission Impossible
Keep it general like the hospital
Shake, rattle and roll, to rock wit’ chu
The Pre to the C-I-S-E do

[Luther] Let’s get this thing to workin’
There’s no reason to wait
The time is now to start it
We all could use the change

[1] – Do it till we get it, get it right
Till we get it
Ain’t no doubt, Cise is gonna turn it out
Do it till we get
Stay with it and get it right
Do it till we get it
Never stop, Luther take it to the top
Do it till we get it
Take the time and get it right

[Precise] Get all up in your back and down your spine
Got to keep it on track like the A train line
To the junction out in Brooklyn
What’s your function
Keep you lookin’ once again
As I punch in those lines like the SV-1200
Precise on the mic, you
But we gon’ get top shot at the party

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