Testo Get That Feeling – Bruce Springsteen

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Testo della canzone Get That Feeling di Bruce Springsteen
Album: Miscellaneous
(woargh = aend-of-backstreets type full throated growl)
Yeah girl
Now won’t you come on out tonight
Girl, where the stars will shine real bright
Well i gotta get that feeling
Yeah i wanna get that feeling
Woargh* back again
Yeah, back again tonight
There’s something in the air
Ain’t got money but i don’t care
I gotta get that feeling
I wanna get that feeling
And before the night is through
You’re gonna get that feeling too

Hold me in your arms and baby take everything
Let the light shine, and if we (dare to ???)…
Yeah,yeah,yeah tonight
Well there’s something in the air,
And tonight, yeah, we ain’t got money but i don’t care
We gotta get that feeling
Yeah, we gotta get that feeling
Woargh* back again
(di-di-di-di-da-woooahs to fade)

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