Testo Girl – Prince

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Testo della canzone Girl di Prince
Album: unknow
Girl, U excite me so
Ooh wee baby, your body’s like no other
Girl, it’s U I gotta know
Ooh wee baby, I bet U’re quite a lover
Ooh girl, I wanna take U home
Ooh wee baby, U’re dreaming I scream inside U
I want U in the worst way
U make me…

Girl {x2}

Girl, won’t U kiss me?
Ooh wee baby, my lips they want U so
Girl, how can U resist me?
The smell of animal lust is all, all over me
Oh girl, if I could hold your hand
I’d make U touch my body until U understand
I’m your man all night, all day
I want U in the worst way
U make me…

Caress the flower
Warm, warm
Bring it 2 the garden
The garden?
Be poetic
Tell me what it feels like
A sea of electricity?
Now that’s wonderful
Talk 2 U? Talk 2 U?
What do U wanna hear?
If I was anything else I’d be the water in your bath, darling

(Girl) Girl, U excite me so
Ooh wee baby, my flesh is on fire
(Girl) Girl, the way U play with it
Ooh wee baby, I think U desire me

Make a wish, baby
We’ll make it come true
Me and U
I want U in the worst way
U make me…

Ooh girl
(Girl) {x2}
U like the dreaming I scream…

Girl, your lips are so wet (Girl)
Feel my hands, they’re all sweaty (Girl)
I don’t know, I… I guess U frighten me
Cuz I’ve never wanted anyone like this before
2 feel this way it’s like, I don’t know, it’s like a sin
Cuz sometimes I feel bad
Sometimes I want U so much I can…
God, all I have 2 do is think about U and I can have an orgasm
That sounds funny, doesn’t it? Ha ha
Marry me
Yeah that’s right, marry me

Girl, don’t U ever get lonely sometimes? (Girl)
Gir… girl, don’t U ever…
Don’t U ever want someone…
Don’t U ever want someone just 2…
Don’t U ever want someone just 2 talk 2?
Well, U can talk 2 me, baby
I’m… I’m a good listener
U know what?
U know what else?
U know what else I am?
U know what else I am, I am?
I’m a good kisser 2
Come here
Come here, closer
Come here, come here
Your ass is so tight
Come here, come here
That’s it, right there
Darlin’ I… I’ll never…
(Don’t talk) {x2}

{Backwards message is Wendy repeating lyrics using boy

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