Testo Go On Witcha Bad Self – Prince

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Testo della canzone Go On Witcha Bad Self di Prince
Album: Miscellaneous
Yeah man, baby’s weak
She ain’t nothin’ but another pretty face
U know what I’m sayin’?
She ain’t sayin nuttin’ (Ain’t that.. ain’t that a.. ow!)
She needs 2 move on

Do it!
(Witcha bad self) {x4} {James Brown sample}

Ah dance 2 the rhythm – enhance
This is your last chance
Get on the floor
I want the whole house dancin’
Partyup (Uh oh!) Partyup (Uh oh!)
I love 2 push up when I’m rollin’ on the tempo
Mic in hand, lookin’ grand – understand?
Looks can be deceivin’, don’t play me soft, I’ll rock hard with any man
Or she-man, hell, 4 that matter
I gather I’ll receive most of my flack from the latter
People, people, this ain’t a sequel
Just another face U say, but really not an equal
That’s where U’re wrong – dead wrong sucker
U see I’m tired of people singin’ the same ole song
Hard work is how U make it
Why go half-ass and fake it?
Worked long and hard, the next plateau is where I’m takin it
U must always take stock in your self wealth
(Go on, girl, witcha bad self) – U know it

(Witcha bad self) {x2}
Go on witcha bad self
(Witcha bad self) {x2}

Ah speak my mind, never hesitant
My time is spent perfectin’ what I do, call me anything but militant
About face while I preceed with my case
Me and my sisters on a rise in the place (Yo, hold up baby)
Uh uh, I don’t think so
Baby, don’t play that – besides, not while I’m on a roll
U stepped left so I left your butt standin’
Mumblin’ on the few words U had left (She left me hangin’)
Hangin’s what I’m doin’ (Girlfriend, give it 2’em)
Mama said be nice 2 men, they really don’t know what they’re doin’
So I jack 2 the dance floor
With an individuality U’ve never seen before
So keep the beat rockin’, clockin’
The bass is knockin’ the walls
Carmen is answerin’ the calls
Just layin’ 4 the moment 2 get ignorant
Come on C. – Bring in the regiment

(Witcha bad self) {x2}
Go on witcha bad self – U know it
(Witcha bad self) {x2}

Yeah, I bring it hard, but there’s a soft side a bit shy
A city-fied girl with an innocence that’s still purified
4ever killin’ U softly, come love me down
Never will there be no heartache, baby, when I’m around
U could say I’m from around the way
Ask the posse in the hood, they say that Baby don’t play
Can anyone here rub me the right way? (Oooh) Oooh (Oooh)
Oops, see what I mean?
The little girl in me starts teasin’
Thinkin’ of the moment when I am pleasin’
The right one, whoever that may be
And when the time comes, he’ll be my one and only
Never spread yourself around or U’re bound 2 be held down
How profound that sounds like love on the rebound
Imagine, I just pulled this off my shelf
It was clever – makes me wanna jump back and kiss myself

Damn, uh
Yo, baby’s gonna go

(Witcha bad self) {x2}
Go on witcha bad self – U know it
(Witcha bad self) {x2}
Yeah, baby’s gonna go
U.. U know it

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